Literary Treasure for Children of The Sun

 The Brownies’ Book was born January 20th, 1920. It was founded in 1919 by Dr. William Edward Burghardt DuBois. His collaborators were Augustus Granville Dill, the business manager and Jessie Redmon Fauset, the literary editor.

It ushered in the African American children’s literary canon and established itself as the only literary magazine created for non-white children. Its presence intended to challenge the mainstream degrading representation of black and brown children during the Red Summer of 1919.

The popularized children’s magazines of the day were The American Magazine(1906), American Boy(1899), and St. Nicholas(1873) which eventually turned in Scholastics’ Highlights (1946). None of them highlighted black culture, literature, or the achievements of black children.

Only The Brownies’ Book sought out

  1. To make colored children realize that being “colored” is a normal, beautiful thing.

  2. To make them familiar with the history and achievements of the Negro race.

  3. To make them know that other colored children have grown into beautiful, useful and famous persons.

  4. To teach them delicately a code of honor and action in their relations with white children.

  5. To turn their little hurts and resentments into emulation, ambition, and love of their own homes and companions.

  6. To point out the best amusements and joys and worth-while things of life

  7. To inspire them to prepare for definite occupations and duties with a broad spirit of sacrifice.

Since 2014, we have sought out to continue the inherent mission as an immersive reading experience for 21st Century kids. Full of enchanting puzzles, kindred stories and articles, interactive activities, and immersive interviews, The Brownies’ Book will get the curiosity and empowerment pumping in your child every reading session. The magazine is curated with research-backed literacy strategies for increased reading fluency and comprehension coupled with vocabulary retention.

Additionally, intending to be a literacy resource with culturally relevant and entertaining content. Every issue covers self-development, history, culture, and art. The Brownies’ Book is a quality production, curated with the full spectrum of the intelligences in mind derived from the theories of Howard Gardner, Raymond Cattell, and John Horn.

Cattell & Horn

  • Crystallized

  • Fluid


  • Naturalist

  • Musical

  • Logical-mathematical

  • Existential

  • Interpersonal

  • Bodily Kinesthetic

  • Linguistic

  • Intra-personal

  • Spatial

Moreover, we seek to uplift the artistic and literary work of underestimated and underrepresented people in publishing and children’s media. The submission guidelines are vague to remove self-elimination. If you have a story or poem for an 8-13-year-old, please submit.