Literary Treasure for Children of The Sun

The Brownies’ Book was born January 20th, 1920. Founded in 1919 by Dr. William Edward Burghardt DuBois witth collaborators were Augustus Granville Dill, the business manager and Jessie Redmon Fauset, the literary editor.

Ushering in the African American children’s literary canon and establishing itself as the only literary magazine created for non-white children, its presence intended to challenge the mainstream degrading representation of black and brown children during the Red Summer of 1919.

The popularized children’s magazines of the day were The American Magazine(1906), American Boy(1899), and St. Nicholas(1873) which eventually turned in Scholastics’ Highlights (1946).

None of them highlighted black culture, literature, or the achievements of black children.

Since 2014, we have sought out to continue the inherent mission as an immersive reading experience for 21st Century kids.

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We want kids to unravel the essence of these emotions and define what they should look like in the 21st century and their developing self, simultaneously. We seek to expose their sovereignty and agency through literary explorations of culture, discourse, tales of triumph, bravery, and curiosity. Overall, we want children to respectfully celebrate what they might consider “ the other” via literary experience.

We will harness those kid-led discussions with your stories, comics, poems in any genre and format about:

  • environmentalism

  • school

  • racism & xenophobia

  • bullying

  • cultural pride, traditions, and remixed fables

  • self-making & selfhood

  • unique hobbies

  • youth social activism

  • faith & religion

  • whole health & wellness

  • art

  • free thinking & imagination

  • futurism

We understand that seems open-ended, but we do not want to pigeonhole the type of submissions we receive.

At base, the work should be appropriate for children aged 8-13 years— all children, but especially, children of African and Indigenous descent.

Please, join the Brownie Creator Community within The Brownie Collective for the benefit of ‘Children of the Sun’ by submitting a form below.

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