Back to School :: Class of 2020 - Laying the Groundwork for an Excellent Year


Congrats! Your kid has just completed their first week of school. Whether it is their first week of Pre- K, Junior Year, or their final semester of college, it is a monumental week, so let's celebrate! We wish your child an amazing year, but we also want to help you get them off to a sustainable and successful pace.

Listed are 5 introspective activities you can do with your children to ensure grand start to the school year.

  1. Make an academic vision board. Tell them to write down their (at least three) academic goals that do not involve standardized testing.

  2. Make a list of their initial worries/ challenges that they foresee. Nip any and all issues in the bud, immediately. ( i.e., if they had a bully in a prior year that gives them grief, ask the school to move the student or request a preemptive meeting with the teacher to alert them about the situation. )

  3. Gather your child's teacher's emails, classrooms apps with parent log-ins, syllabi or weekly homework charts, and share a homework calendar with your child to monitor their progress on large projects or tests.

  4. Plan study groups or tutoring sessions with other parents that can act as childcare, and or pick up and drop off. Find a mommy teammate based on proximity, route, availability, and your own personal safety precautions.

  5. Make sure that their backpacks are comfortable, clean, and always prepped. A prepared and comfortable student is a focused student. Wasting valuable classroom time with preparation issues, like pencils, is not helpful to the teacher, your child, and the other students.

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