Are kids taught hate?


“ You think those emails gonna hurt her?”

My 88 year old (at the time) great-uncle asked his junior. June replied, “ I don’t know.” He shook his head and scratched his forehead. I sense he knew the answer cause he had a peculiar experience of America. One that allowed him a unique view into people.

I naively retorted, “ Of course, not.” I mean, I did not plan to vote. I was indifferent from the race and politics in general. I happened to be in Florida, which is my registered voting state, and my cousins were adamant about me early voting, and I was not reluctant. I voted for Hillary, and headed back to the beach. It was great.

Flash forward a few months later, my great uncle’s fear and my cousin’s knowing came true. They mentioned during that conversation they mentioned it[ the social climate] is [the racial terror and tension] as bad as it was bad then. These are southern men who came of age during WWII and integration. I was appalled and simultaneously curious to know how I could figure out a way to disrupt the fibers of American moralism: bigotry and hate—fueled by unsubstantiated fear.

How can we actually teach children brotherhood and celebration of difference in a world so tethered to it? We have solutions. We know proper educating, discernment derived from high-performing literacy skills, and critical thinking skills are pertinent to dissolving a false reality that perpetuates inferiority, fear mongering, oppression, and prejudice. We must get to work. Contact us to hear about our proposed solutions.