Youtube, Friend or Foe?

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Kids make up over a billion of the views on Youtube ( The Atlantic, 2018). Children’s Media on Youtube has been under siege and total non-regulation, depending on who you ask. Scares of youtube zombies are similar to decries of commie bred children these days, but is it as bad as the streets say? The Brownie Collective is reluctant to claim true any scary terms for child behavior and development because it differs by culture, home, gene pool, and home environment. There are so many nuances that modern academe does not take into consideration when analyzing these phenoms. This is the work we plan to do in the future: research and design around new and innovative learning mediums and boundaries and conjunction with mind science. There are so many factors, and I have not found sufficient and non-partisan information.

Children’s media is shifting from its Anglo-American over-presence to being exuberant, cheap, weird, and multicultural. Its most popular content has longer episodes with less interruptions. Considering the amount of focus it takes to watch a long show or listen to a long album as an adult in modern society, this might not be a scary thing. What we are learning is that media for small toddlers should probably be strictly entertaining, since older toddlers learn from videos easier. We know that multiculturalism is well accepted in globally in children’s media: ChuChuTV has 19 million views per year compared to Sesame Streets 5million views. The door is wide open for new and exciting media that can really shape the ideals and morals of generations to come.

I think Youtube is a Friend.

Jessica SimoneComment