They Said "Literacy is NOT a Constitutional Right." They.

Rights versus privileges is the largest debate right now during a time when income disparities are beginning to create an almost unrecognizable world. Researchers predict by 2030 black families will have a median wealth of $0. This fierce debate has ruled over many themes like: school lunch, healthcare, and now literacy. In 2016, students in Detroit argued in a lawsuit “{...their]ability to read and write is key to unlocking other rights — voting, applying for jobs, writing letters to lawmakers — that federal courts have held sacred. An illiterate adult is unable to participate as a full citizen in a democratic republic…” We know that literacy or the lack thereof has been historically weaponized to reinforce Jim Crow laws and before that to maintain the degradation and oppression of enslaved Africans. This is further evidence of systemic miseducation of low-income students. It is important that we protect Title II funds and other funding streams that provide supplemental education services to students in high-need environments.

Jessica SimoneComment