Why the Brownies' Book?

We believe that children need greater access to media and art that mirrors their own experience. Modern life has changed the daily experiences of all youth; it has become multifaceted. It is an amalgamation of technology, accessible information, and racial mixing, but, simultaneously, a shattered post-racial veil that illuminates intense systemic racial injustice and subsequent subjugation of people of color. Therefore, children of color need mediums that humanize and dignify them and their experiences. Counter narrative representations will allow them to view themselves as smart, quirky, posh, beautiful, determined, worthy, human, and most importantly, enough.

Moreover, exposure to multicultural literature should help create an inclusive community for all children to learn from one another and their respective cultures. At the very least,  it should allow children to become more tolerant of another. Additionally, children will also gain amass of self-knowledge that increases cultural capital. The Brownies' Book also believes that when children learn about their history and see positive reflections they attain higher self-esteem and pride. High self- esteem yields endless positive effects, such as, greater academic achievement, better lifestyles choices, higher chances of succumbing to peer-pressure, and greater tendency towards responsibility.

Jessica SimoneComment