In her image. . . Storm, Uhura, Willow, Shuri, & Lilith

Storm. Uhura. Lilith. Shuri. Willow.  

#blackgirlsarefromthefuture. -renina 

Words that  come to mind when futurism and science fiction are the subject at hand are freedom, power, wit, innate and genetic supernatural ability. Those traits allow glorified radiance that would, in most cases, illuminate the magic of a person. Too often are our girls stripped of their magic for a plethora of reasons. Reasons such as, the abuses upon black girls, the misunderstanding of the miseducation of black girls, the misalignment of the black girl body with the normalized aesthetics and mannerism of femininity and girlhood, the direct clash of cultural expectations with societal expectation, the refusal to acknowledge the unique struggles and brilliance of black girls with their speech, mannerisms, and style. They are silenced through the stripping of their unique elegance through appropriation, white-washing, lack of reverence, and constant punishment in different spaces (i.e., zero-tolerance schools, hip hop {fetishization of the other  & foreign}, and black homes with respectability politics.)

Afro-Futurism and Science Fiction provide prototypes that allow black girls to shape shift and self-mold when given the opportunity to learn of the possibility. There is no one way to be, which Shuri, Willow, Uhura, Storm, and Lilith illuminate. There is no one way to persist, exist, and exude power. Black girls need those affirmations that it is okay to be. Especially when their "being"  is the ultimate reflection of all their individual strength.