Words & Black Girlhood

Dr. Priest propagates that black girlhood is "everywhere and nowhere," and then expounds on the notion that the use of affronted Black girls in tropes like "housewives of Atlanta, beasts in the wild... princesses of discarded territories" has been necessary to the process of American self-making. She asserts that American culture relies upon a pattern of representing the destruction of Black subjects and in particular, the menaced Black girl body. In essence, black girls coming of age are embattled social subjects. 

Based on this theory, I beg, in what ways, does literary representation matter? I think that literary representation is an important part of self-making along with any consumption of media. Media allows children to see reflections of society, and those reflections impact how they believe they should be, look, and become. If the same negative  tropes are continuously etched into the psyche, that is what they might limit themselves to become. We need to expand the images our children consume. We need to ensure that their conscious' are being fed expanded notions of self. 

Jessica SimoneComment