Publishing is an expensive and ambiguous industry— especially print magazines. We will be available digitally with deluxe versions of the magazine. However, we will be a print magazine for access. Broadband internet and quality hardware is not accessible to our entire base, and Dr. DuBois would not want to leave any child out. Currently, the Founder is self-funding with a full-time career in Education Media, Technology and Curriculum. The Brownies’ Book mission is to encourage children to be, learn, and grow into their personal power. During this age of rising nationalism, major incidents of racism, and impending climate change, children seem to have anxieties and outlooks that differ from the elders that surround them. They need an outlet, a resource, a platform that teaches them how to comprehend, criticize, and deal with those issues while also being curiosity inducing, entertaining, intriguing, fresh, educating, and literacy-engaging. Your donations will support the publishing, distribution, and creation of The Brownies’ Book.

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